Explore Jaiharikhal

Jaiharikhal can undoubtedly be rated as one of the most coveted of destinations in Uttarakhand given its proximity to Lansdowne, a beautiful cantonment town and a popular hill station. 5 kms away from Lansdowne it is a small peaceful hamlet situated on the Lansdowne-Gumkhal road in district Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India. Surrounded by thick Oak and Blue Pine forests, Jaiharikhal is a very charming and scenic place for a quiet holiday as it is devoid of the usual hustles and bustle of hill stations. During summers and rains, it is covered with breathtakingly amazing variety of flowers and green grass cover, while snow cover in the mountain line characterizes winters. One can enjoy the enchanting views of Himalayas, with majestic sunrise and sunset from different viewpoints of Jaiharikhal. On a clear day, see breathtaking view of 300 kms long Himalayan range and a vast valley view with lower Himalayan ranges, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers, trekkers and the likes.

Spread over an area of 190 sq kms and located at Latitude 29.83°N :Longitude 78.68°E and situated at an altitude of 1400 mts or 4600 feet at a distance of 40 kms from Kotdwara referred as “ Gateway of Garhwal” it is the easiest destination to reach during weekends and other days of the months. It is a delightful drive of about 6 hours from the National Capital of India, New Delhi and 4 hours from Dehradun, Uttarakhand. The climate is pleasant in summer and very cold in winter. Summer starts from March and lasts till June. Temperature ranges from a maximum of 30 degree Celsius to a minimum 15 degree Celsius. Summers are hot and humid but air conditioners are not required. Rainfall starts from the month of July till mid of September. Jaiharikhal receives heavy rainfall. Surroundings become very pleasant and green during monsoons. Winter is the Best Season to visit Jaiharikhal. One needs heavy woolen clothes during this time. The temperature during winters is maximum 24 degrees Celcius to minimum of 0 degree Celsius. One can also experience snowfall during these days.

Lansdowne-Jaiharikhal……Historical Facts

Lansdowne was originally known as ‘Kaludanda’ in local language, enroute Kotdwara-Pauri road. It was founded by ‘Lord Lansdowne’ in 1887 A.D., thus the place has been named after him. Lansdowne was originally a popular hill station with the Britishers. Lansdowne was a major place of the activities of freedom fighters from British Garhwal during the British period. On 5 November 1887, the first battalion of Garhwal Rifles migrated from Almora to Lansdowne. Lansdowne was the only city after Almora in the late 1870s. People of different cultures and states came to do business in Lansdowne after it became popular. The buildings and churches of Lansdowne built during British period date back to the pre-independence period.
Lansdowne is an ideal location for eco-tourism as it is well preserved by the Government of Uttarakhand and the Garhwal Rifles. There is a road situated between Jaiharikhal and Lansdowne which is called cool road (ठन्डी सड़क) where Indians were not allowed during the British times, it was only meant for the Britishers. For the movement of Indians, a parallel road situated below this road was used.
Nowadays, the famous Garhwal Rifles of the Indian Army has its command office here which is training the youth of Garhwal to send it to the Indian Army.

Places of Interest around Jaiharikhal

Lansdowne: 7 kms/15 minutes drive/45 minutes walk

The War Memorial, at the Parade Ground of the Garhwal Rifles Center, is an attraction for the visitors. However, prior permission from the military authority has to be taken. Places of interest in Lansdowne include Tip n Top View Point – A small hill top viewpoint offering a panoramic view of Himalayas and Jaiharikhal below, Kaleshwar Mahadev Temple – Centuries old Lord Shiva Hindu Temple and centre of devotion for Lansdowne people as well as the brave Garhwal Regiment and is flocked by thousands of devotees during the month of Sawan ( Indian Monsoon ), Santoshi Mata Temple, Regimental Museum also called the Darwan Singh Sanghralaya – A historical defence museum named after first Victoria Cross holder from Garhwal Rifles Darwan Singh Negi, Bhullatal Lake – Take your partner on a romantic boat ride at the petite man made Bhulla Tal, carousing in the comely environs of Lansdowne. This ravishing lake is dedicated to the martyrs of Garhwal Rifles and is maintained by the Indian Army. Spot lazy ducks paddling in the lake and the agile rabbits hopping around the banks while boating at Bhulla Lake, Glimpses of well preserved British heritage Bungalows and Churches, St. Mary’s Church – A Catholic Church of historical importance located near Tip N Top Point in Lansdowne and Lover’s lane.
The old cemetery in Kitchener Lines is one of the more mysterious places and some even call it one of the most haunted places in Lansdowne. Many war veterans have been laid to rest in the old cemetery and the graves are as old as 150 years.
Must see Annual ‘Sharadotsava’ (Festival of Autumn) organized during the autumn season.

Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple: 45 kms / 1 hr 30 minutes drive

Located at 1800 meters above sea level at a distance of 45 kms from Jaiharikhal, it is one of best place to visit around Jaiharikhal. Famous Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple with its special Shivalinga and a Kund (a small pond) known as Gauri Kund where people take bath before entering the temple.

Pauri: 85 kms / 2 hrs 30 minutes drive

If you have the time, visit Pauri which is 85 km from Jaiharikhal and undertake the trek to Kandoliya Devta temple, which offers an awe inspiring view of the glorious and probably the longest 500 kms range of Himalayan peaks in the North and the spectacular Gangwarsyun Valley on the other side.

Jim Corbett National Park – Kalagarh Wildlife Sanctuary: 88 kms / 3 hrs 15 minutes drive

The large stretch of wilds in the Kalagarh Wildlife Sanctuary would rightly cater to your interest, making the trip an absolutely pleasurable experience. The cool and subtle atmosphere will act as a, boon further stimulating your craving for adventure.
Let the wilderness of Kalagarh Tiger Reserve invoke the wild child in you, chase the invigorating winds and hear the eerie calls of the jungle. Sprawling over 300 sq.km of area, the Kalagarh Wildlife Sanctuary covers the Northern part of Jim Corbett National Park and is one of the most significant tiger reserves in India. Here you can spot some of the wild animals like tiger, barking deer, hog deer, goral, sambhar and porcupines. The ideal time to visit the sanctuary is from October to March.
The close proximity of Jaiharikhal to the Sona Nadi division of Corbett National Park makes it an ideal bird watching area as well. There are about 600 species of birds that migrate to Jaiharikhal-Lansdowne every year. The colourful birds forming a spectacular plumage in the sky would be an enthralling site for you to revel in.
Packed lunch on demand and cooler facility to chill your beverages are just what you could need to make your trip perfect. Local cabs are easily available. Charges for the above are nominal. The park remains closed from 15th June to 15th November.